Employee Fraud: The Misappropriation of Assets

Author: Robert K Minniti

CPE Credit:  2 hours for CPAs

This course explores many of the way’s employees can commit fraud, especially the types of fraud that use documents to skirt internal controls. We will consider embezzlement schemes, theft schemes (Cash, inventory, data, and fixed assets), and will examine how employees conceal these frauds. We will review the red flags for employee fraud. Real world examples will be provided for the participants to see how this is occurring in the business world.

This on-demand course is designed for individuals who would like refresh their understanding of employee fraud schemes and to learn how to recognize the red flags for detecting employee fraud. Understanding how employees commit fraud is the first step in preventing fraud.

Publication Date: September 2019

Designed For
CPAs, CFEs, CFFs, CIAs, CMAs, MAFFs, CGMAs, internal auditors, external auditors, managers, business owners and others in the accounting field.

Topics Covered

  • Occupational Fraud
  • Employee Fraud in the News
  • Theft of Assets
  • Common Fraud Schemes
  • Internal Controls for Preventing & Detecting Employee Theft
  • Consequences for Employee Theft

Learning Objectives

  • Identify ways to prevent employee theft
  • Identify common fraud schemes
  • Recognize how to design internal controls to help prevent and detect employee theft
  • Identify which level of control has internal controls that apply to the entire company
  • Recognize which fraud involves opening bank accounts using false information
  • Identify which type of occupational fraud is most costly when if occurs, according to the ACFE
  • Recognize who is responsible for designing effective internal controls and ensuring that they are monitored and operating effectively
  • Describe which expense reimbursement fraud is generally committed by employees
  • Identify parts of the Fraud Triangle
  • Recognize types of asset misappropriation
  • Identify intangible assets an employee can misappropriate


Instructional Method

NASBA Field of Study
Accounting (2 hours)

Program Prerequisites

Advance Preparation

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