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Firm CPE Solutions

Staying on top of CPE requirements for an entire professional staff can be time-consuming and costly — but it doesn’t have to be. With solutions like simple online registrations, corporate discounts, and timely CPE reporting, Wolters Kluwer can help you easily meet your firm’s CPE requirements. We can simplify the process for you with firm CPE management, customized training, and convenient training subscriptions designed specifically for firms.

Firm CPE Management

Managing professional staff training can feel unwieldy at times. That’s why we developed Compliance Manager. This innovative solution monitors CPE subject requirements and deadlines automatically — so you don’t have to. You’ll receive alerts regarding the status of your staff’s CPE compliance, which will help you ensure they never miss a deadline. Plus, you can store their certificates of completion and other external CPE records so that all of your compliance information is easy to find in one place.

To use Compliance Manager for your firm, you’ll need to set up a firm profile and assign account administrators. These administrators will be able to register your staff for self-study courses and live webinars that will meet their CPE requirements. Compliance Manager will even suggest courses for your staff to fulfill any credit deficiencies.

Discover how firm CPE management with Compliance Manager can alleviate the headaches of keeping track of staff CPE compliance.

Custom Training Solutions

Does your busy firm need special solutions for training your professional staff? Wolters Kluwer can develop content that’s tailored to your specific needs and present it to your staff on-site or through a privately hosted webinar.

In addition, we provide Learning Management System (LMS) integration that streamlines CPE courses and management with most corporate LMS platforms. You’ll be able to access more than 600 self-study courses and track progress from a single application.

If you want to give your employees a dedicated learning space featuring custom content, such as corporate messaging, specific content libraries, and links, we can create a custom portal for your firm.

Learn more about our custom training solutions today.

Firm CPE Subscriptions

Wolters Kluwer offers two convenient subscription packages that are designed specifically for firms. These subscriptions offer access to more than 800 courses, providing more than 1600 CPE hours. Both packages include unlimited one- to four-hour webinars and self-study courses as well as use of Compliance Manager. With the premium package, you’ll also be able to access full-day webinars, downloadable PDFs, and premium self-study courses.

It’s simple to stay compliant with one of these subscription packages. Discover the one that meets your firm’s CPE needs today.

Easily Meet Your Requirements with Wolters Kluwer Firm CPE Solutions

We know firm CPE compliance can be a hassle, which is why we invite you to chat with us online when it’s convenient for you or call us at 800-344-3734 to discuss your firm’s unique requirements. We’re here to remove the barriers that often make managing CPE compliance and training more difficult than it needs to be.